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Daily Lotto Result Saturday 15 January 2022

Daily Lotto Results for Today’s Draw are Announced Now. Daily Lotto Result for Saturday 15 January 2022 You can check here the Latest Daily Lotto Result Draw of 15 January 2022 we have updated all the Results on a Daily Basis. Draw Take Place at 21:30 PM so If you have Not Seen the Result for Today Please Refresh the page to See the Today Daily Lotto Result.

Daily Lotto Result Details:

Daily Lotto Result for Today’s Draw is Announced Now. All the Results are Updated On a Regular basis at 21:30 PM We Update all the Result Live for Our Users. Also, We Congratulate the Winners and Who Loose in this Draw We Have our Best Wishes to You.

Draw Number DATE WINNING NUMBERS Total Winners
Draw Number 1040 15 January 2022 3 – 7 – 11 – 12 – 35 92,954

Daily Lotto Prize Breakdown:

Here We Have Listed the Today Draw Prize Breakdown of the Daily Lotto. Total Winners Jackpot, Ticket SOLD, Machine Name, and Many More are Listed here.

Division Numbers Matched Winnings Winners Division Pool Total
1 5 R176,568.20 2 R353,136.40
2 4 R295.80 275 R81,345.00
3 3 R17.80 9,147 R162,816.60
4 2 R4.70 83,530 R392,591.00
Totals 92,954 R989,889.00
Total Sales: R1,983,912

Daily Lotto Results

Keeping a sharp eye on Daily Lotto Results is a prime tactic to enhance your Jackpot Chances because by doing so, you will get a better idea of Winning Combinations by analyzing New and Past Lotto Results and Draws.

So, to know the Latest Daily Lotto Results along with Winning Numbers, Complete Prize Pay Details from all Draws, Winners’ Information, and Daily Lotto Results History, you may bookmark our website and visit right on Draw Timings.

What is Daily Lotto – Live Daily Lotto Results for Today

For your Information, Daily Lotto is a National-level Lottery Game in South Africa. Of course, it is the most popular Lottery across the nation, whose Draws are conducted every night without delay. Moreover, its results are accessible through Newspapers, TV Channels, and Online.

According to the Official Schedule, the Draws of South Africa Daily Lotto are announced every evening at 21:00, while our website updates the authentic and accurate results at the exact match time along with draw details and winner information for each date.

Daily Lotto Results and Winning Numbers
Daily Lotto Results

If we expose the Winners’ Drawing Mechanism of SA Daily Lotto, 50% of the entire prize pool goes to the Jackpot in every draw, and the remaining revenue is distributed between the playing divisions, depending on the Numbers Matched.

Prize List of Daily Lotto

Prize Division Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Prize Pool Percentage Prize Payout In the Last Draw Average Payout Since 2017
1 5 1 in 376,992 35.6% R127,480.10 R247,777.15
2 4 1 in 2,432 8.2% R266.30 R579.46
3 3 1 in 81 16.4% R19.10 R20.07
4 2 1 in 8.4 39.8% R5.00 R5.02
The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 7.6

History of SA Daily Lotto

Daily Lotto is a top-tier Lottery Game in South Africa introduced by Ithuba in 2019 for Charitable purposes. However, it has become a popular game on National Level due to transparency, credibility, and greater winning chances.

Unlike other South African Lotto Games, such as Lotto Plus and Lotto 2, Daily Lotto allows 57 lucky players from different Draws categories to win massive prize money. Importantly, it works 24/7 throughout the year without any delay or break.

How to Participate in SA Daily Lotto

Since Daily Lotto is a Streamline Lottery Game in South Africa, it offers multiple mediums for participation. Perhaps, Daily Lotto Online and In-Store Ticket Purchases are the most common and reliable methods to play in Daily Lotto.

Play Daily Lotto Online

Surprisingly, the numbers of Online Participants in Daily Lotto are high because it works with easy account setup and allows punters to choose their best combination. Here is a step-by-step guide for playing Daily Lotto Online.

  • First of all, create your Daily Lotto Account and deposit money to buy tickets
  • To start betting, pick five numbers from 1 to 36 or select Quick Pick Option to generate random number sets
  • Feel free to make as many boards as you want to play
  • Then, select a single draw for all boards or multiple draws
  • Confirm and pay to enter the Draw

Buy Tickets for Daily Lotto through Stores

Daily Lotto also facilitates users by supplying tickets to Local Stores. Each lottery token purchased from Local Avenue costs around 3R. As a tip, always sign the Lottery Ticket Register because if you lose the ticket, you still have evidence of its ownership.

  • Buy a Betslip from any Lottery Store
  • Select Five Numbers between 1 and 36 or ask for a Quick Pick
  • Now, choose the number of boards to play
  • After that, pick a number of draws you wish to enter
  • Finally, take your bet slip after paying the teller

Winning Criteria of Daily Lotto

One of the prime reasons for South Africa Daily Lotto’s insane popularity is its extensive winning opportunities for punters. Every night, the lottery enables 57 Lucky people to change their lives by winning piles of money.

Each Daily Lotto Draw distributes prizes worth thousands of Rand, and the number doubles if you hit the Jackpot by matching all five numbers. Other than Jackpot, a match of one, two, three, or four digits also qualifies for prize money.

It is pertinent to mention if none of the participant’s numbers match the Jackpot, it splits down to a four-digit match, and then the prize money is evenly distributed among winners of this particular category. Hence, the prizes in this lottery are not constant; instead, it depends on the number of winners in each prize pool.

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