Daily Lotto Results [December] Updated 2023

Daily Lotto Results for Today’s Draw are Announced Now. You can check here the Latest Daily Lotto Results 2023 we have updated all the Results on a Daily Basis. Draw Take Place at 21:30 PM so If you have Not Seen the Result for Today Please Refresh the page to See the Today Daily Lotto Result.

Daily Lotto Result for Today

Daily Lotto Result for Today’s Draw is Announced Now. All the Results are Updated On a Regular basis at 21:30 PM We Update all the Result Live for Our Users. Also, We Congratulate the Winners and Who Loose in this Draw We Have our Best Wishes to You.

Daily Lotto DrawDATEWinning Numbers
Draw Number 17282023-12-0505 - 08 - 19 - 27 - 31
Draw Number 17272023-12-0406 - 07 - 10 - 12 - 34
Draw Number 17262023-12-0301 - 09 - 20 - 22 - 25
Draw Number 17252023-12-0201 - 29 - 31 - 33 - 35
Draw Number 17242023-12-0109 - 16 - 17 - 19 - 29

Daily Lotto Results History

If you are Looking for the Previous Result of Daily Lotto Result with Prize Breakdown and Winning Numbers and Winners. I have Listed Down All the Previous Results of SA Daily Lotto.


Daily Lotto DrawDATEWinning Numbers
Draw Number 17232023-11-3007 - 13 - 21 - 23 - 35
Draw Number 17222023-11-2918 - 19 - 26 - 31 - 35
Draw Number 17212023-11-286 - 21 - 29 - 33 - 36
Draw Number 17202023-11-274 - 14 - 15 - 23 - 29
Draw Number 17192023-11-2601 - 07 - 15 - 26 - 27
Draw Number 17182023-11-25 01 - 04 - 07 - 20 - 24

Daily Lotto Results and Winning Numbers

Since SA Daily Lotto draws every day, it is difficult to hook up with its daily results. Nevertheless, you can resolve this perplex by bookmarking our website because we update Daily Lotto Results sharp after official announcements.

For your Information, our website updates every possible detail of Daily Lotto Results, including Winning Combinations, Prize Money Distributions, Betting Odds, and Winner’s Information. Meanwhile, Authentic-ness and Error-Free Transmission of Results are our priorities.

The last appreciable feature for our visitors is anytime access to Daily Lotto Past Results. Whether you’re looking for Daily Lotto Yesterday Results or a year back results, use the search function, and you will get them without hassle.

Daily Lotto Results – All you Need to Know

The lottery is a popular game globally since it is a legal medium to earn massive cash without doing much. Indeed, every country has its Official Lottery Mechanism, whose rules and playing standards are set by governments.

If you talk about South Africa, the country has many National-level Lottery Chains, of which Daily Lotto Results ranks top for all valid reasons. Above all, this Lottery draws every day around the year without delay or holiday.

Unlike a few older Lottery Games in South Africa, including Lotto 1, Lotto 2, and Lotto Plus, Daily Lotto offers punters additional playing benefits; therefore, it is the most acknowledged lottery nationwide, and its players’ cult is still at large.

If we look at the added benefits of Daily Lotto, firstly, it draws every day, while its ticket costs around R3, which is cheap. Meanwhile, the desired players of Daily Lotto can participate through various mediums, including Local Stores, Online, Banks, Post-Offices, and even through Credit Cards.

Daily Lotto Results
Daily Lotto Results

History of Daily Lotto

Much to your amazement, Daily Lotto is the latest entry in South Africa’s National Lottery Line. As per Official details, Daily Lotto was started in 2019 by Ithuba Holdings, and it got insane popularity among people of all classes in no time.

If you don’t know, Ithuba Holdings is the largest privately operated Lottery Network in South Africa. The organization works in collaboration with the Government and is responsible for conducting various National Lottery Programs.

In addition to Daily Lotto, Ithuba runs several other Lottery brands, including Daily Lotto Plus, Raffle, Sportstake, and Eaziwin. Of course, all Ithuba evenly distributes its earnings between winners and the country’s charitable works.

Winning Mechanism of Daily Lotto

Since Daily Lotto is the latest entry in the South Africa Lottery Brand, it works slightly differently. Opposite to other Lottery Systems, Daily Lotto draws a Jackpot every day, while around 57 winners also bag a handsome amount from the prize pool.

The results of the Daily Lotto announce every night sharply at 21:00, while players can buy their tickets till 20:30 from all available mediums. The organization distributes prizes of thousands of Rand among winners, while the Jackpot receives the highest 50% of the total prize money.

According to the Daily Lotto Playing Mechanism, participants select Five Numbers between 1 and 36 for each ticket. To win the Jackpot, you must match all five numbers with it; otherwise, your victory drops to matching two, three, or four digits.

It is important to note that if no numbers match the jackpot, it comes down to a four-number match, and the reward money is divided equally among the winners having four digits matches. Therefore, you may say Daily Lotto doesn’t have a fixed prize for winners.

In short, Daily Lotto has four Winning Standards, of which one is Jackpot, while others are four, three, and two number matches. The percentage of the prize money varies according to the number of winners and may change occasionally.

How to Play SA Daily Lotto

To your surprise, there are multiple ways of participating in the South Africa Daily Lotto. From Online Play to Purchasing Tickets from Retailer Stores, Banking Apps, and Cellular Services, Daily Lotto provides even opportunities for participation for people of all statuses.

Buy Daily Lotto Results Tickets Online

  • Start by making your Daily Lotto Account and deposit money to purchase Lotto Tickets
  • For betting, select five digits from 1 to 36 or pick Quick Pick Option to generate random number sets
  • Notably, you can create multiple playing boards without hassle
  • Then, select only one or all boards for a single or multiple draws
  • Confirm your action and pay to participate in the Draw

Buy Daily Lotto Results Tickets via Retailer

  • Visit your nearest Daily Lotto Retailer Store
  • Ask for a Daily Lotto Betslip
  • Pick Five Numbers between 1 and 36 or ask for a Quick Pick
  • Then, select the number of boards to play
  • Now, pick a number of draws you want to enter
  • Finally, take your bet slip after paying the retailer

Buy Daily Lotto Results Tickets via Banking Websites/Apps

  • First of all, Log in to your online account using Bank’s Official App
  • Tap the “Buy” Button, after which a tap of Game Selection will appear
  • From there, select the Game of your Choice
  • Select “Play Now” and choose your Numbers or tap the Quick Pick Option
  • After Choosing your Numbers, select the number of boards you want to play and tap the “Done” option
  • Finally, hit the Buy Button and then Confirm to complete the action

Buy Daily Lotto Results Tickets via Nedbank Website

  • Log in to your online bank account
  • Open the Daily Lotto Menu
  • Select the Purchase Lotto Option
  • Choose the game you want to play
  • Now, pick the numbers from 1 to 36 and the number of playing boards
  • After that, hit the Make Purchase Option
  • Finally, tap the Confirm Purchases

Buy Daily Lotto Results Tickets via Standard Bank App

  • Open your Bank App and Log in using Pin Code
  • Go to More Option from the Menu
  • Select the Play Lotto Option from there
  • Tap on Play Lotto and Select your Account to Play
  • Here, you can also add other games, such as Powerball
  • Pick your Numbers and Boards to Play
  • Next, select the draws you like to participate in and confirm your action by clicking the OK Button

Buy Daily Lotto Results Tickets via USSD

  • Start by dialing your bank’s USSD number on your mobile phone. Here are the codes:
  • FNB: *120*321# or *130*321#
  • Nedbank: *120*001#
  • Standard Bank: *120*2345#
  • Carefully follow the on-screen instructions to select your lotto game
  • Select your numbers or choose the Quick Pick option
  • Now, pick the number of boards you want to play
  • Then, select the number of draws you want to enter
  • Confirm your purchase

Buy Daily Results Tickets via ATM

  • Visit your Bank Branch ATM
  • Start by inserting your ATM and verify through PIN
  • Go to Menu and Select More Options
  • Then, navigate to Prepaid/Lotto
  • Select Powerball/Lotto
  • Pick your Numbers or go with the Quick Pick Option
  • Next, select the numbers of Boards to play
  • Finally, hit Confirm button and walk off with your receipt

How to Claim Prizes in Daily Lotto

The methods of claiming your wins in Daily Lotto primarily depend on your winning amount and the medium you have used to buy tickets. Surprisingly, the management of Daily Lotto allows punters to claim prizes within 365 days.

Claiming Daily Lotto Prizes via Retailer

Following the Daily Lotto guidelines, prizes up to R2,000 can be received by any licensed retailer across the country. All you need is to bring your original ticket and collect your winnings. Of course, unlicensed retailers cut a few charges regarding claim fees.

Claiming Daily Lotto Prizes via Payment Centre

If your Lottery prize winnings are between R2,001 to R49,999, you can claim your prize from any Authorized Payment Centre. From this perspective, Local Post Offices are the best option. You should bring your original ticket and ID when visiting the payment center.

Claiming Daily Lotto Prizes via Itbuba Regional Office

Winnings of R50,000 or above in Daily Lotto are only redeemed through Ithuba’s Regional Offices. To claim such prizes, you must fill out the Official Prize Claim Form and visit the nearby office in person to validate your cash prize.

Claiming Daily Lotto Prizes via Post

Lastly, the Daily Lotto also facilitates winners to claim their money through the post. For this purpose, post your signed lottery ticket along with proof of identity and the Prize Claim Form to the National Lottery Head Office.

Wrapping Up

In short, Daily Lotto is the best and most legalized way to make your dreams come true. Of course, you can bookmark our website to receive everyday updates of Daily Lotto, including Daily Lotto Results, Winner’s Details, Prizes Distribution Ratio, and Jackpot Numbers. On the sidelines, we also provide Best Winning Odds for Daily Lotto along with Daily Lotto Winning Combinations and Number Predictions.


Q: Is Daily Lotto Legal?

A: For your information, Daily Lotto is a Government-operated Lottery brand in South Africa. However, its admiral and financial matters are looked after by a Private Company, Ithuba. So, it is a fully secure and legal lottery system.

Q: Can I claim Daily Lotto prizes with torn, lost, or damaged tickets?

A: According to Ithuba’s policies, punters can claim prizes with torn or damaged tickets. However, the management investigates the entire matter, and after gathering enough evidence, your claim gets official validation.